Draft Available for Comment – Request for Approval of “Installation Permit Extension Provision” into Ohio’s State Implementation Plan (SIP)

Ohio EPA has prepared a letter for submittal to the U.S. EPA requesting paragraph (A)(2)(b)(iv) of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 3704.03 be incorporated into Ohio’s state implementation plan (SIP).  This provision allows an extension to the permit termination, for a limited time, where a permit is the subject of an appeal by a party other than the owner or operator of the air contaminant source. Ohio EPA is requesting this provision be incorporated into Ohio’s SIP at this time.

Ohio EPA is seeking public comment on the installation permit extension provision to satisfy U.S. EPA requirements for public involvement in SIP related activities in accordance with 40 CFR 51.102.  The comment period deadline is September 15, 2020

Interested parties can view the SIP submittal here.