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Welcome to the Shumaker Environmental Blog. We provide creative, strategically sound solutions to clients confronting federal, state, and local environmental law issues.

Environmental claims and obligations can be expensive and disruptive. Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP lawyers have the depth of experience to respond to demanding environmental situations with innovative and effective solutions—whether at the agency level or in litigation. Our understanding of our clients’ industries, business goals, and legal challenges give rise to strategies that protect both financial interests and business reputations.

Our practice and experience stretch back to the earliest major environmental statutes. We have been involved in virtually every key U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rulemaking and enforcement initiative since the 1970s. So we understand how these environmental regulatory programs and enforcement strategies impact our clients’ businesses.


Webinar: COVID-Era Regulation of Antimicrobials and Hand Sanitizers – EPA and FDA Respond to the Pandemic

Join us for an informative overview of COVID-era issues associated with antimicrobial claims and recent EPA rules concerning “long-lasting” claims for residual efficacy of antimicrobial.  Presented by: Shumaker Partner Joe Simpson July 20th / Noon to 1:00 p.m. EDT Topics include: U.S. EPA’s new protocol for residual efficacy claims for antimicrobials. Enhanced enforcement by U.S. …

Shumaker Environmental Update, April 15, 2021

Interested Parties Review of Draft Hazardous Waste Management Rules: Ohio EPA has made a package of draft amended and no-change Hazardous Waste Management Program rules available for review by Interested Parties. The package is known as the “Review 2020” package because it is made up primarily of rules that are required under state statute to …